Slouchy Destroyed Denim Jeans

Slouchy Destroyed Denim Jeans

Sold Out


Designer Denim. Perfect condition VINTAGE. Exclusive sold out everywhere but I was able to get my hands on a few more pairs.  Original Retail price is $159.99 plus shipping & tax. Value is up since this is a deadstock item. Oversized fit. Slouchy and baggy. Such a great investment bc you will own these jeans forever. 

I wear a size 26 in jeans and can fit a size 24 in these. Size depends on how low you want the jeans to fit. A size 26 ( my true size ) fits verylow on my hips ( as pictured in the dark jeans) . Size 24 fits perfect ( as pictured in the light jeans. I am 120lbs 5'3 26 inch waist. 

***not recommended for people with very large calfs. The bottom part has a zipper and is meant to fit tight and skinny. If you have large calfs you won't be able to zip. 

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