Diamonds are Forever Thigh High Double Denimm
Diamonds are Forever Thigh High Double Denimm
Diamonds are Forever Thigh High Double Denimm
Diamonds are Forever Thigh High Double Denimm
Diamonds are Forever Thigh High Double Denimm

Diamonds are Forever Thigh High Double Denimm

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Double layered jeans to give a " thigh high " boot illusion.

*****ONLY available in NON stretch since diamonds will not stay on with stretch fabric*****

diamonds thru out front and back.

Zipper and button front. 

2 Butt pockets.

First layer goes down to mid thigh. Second layer goes up to the top thigh. 2 side zippers up top to make second layer hang loose , two ankle zippers.

2 adjustable elastic bands on the inner waist to help cinch.

If you want ''shorts" you must cut them. The jeans will NOT come pre cut.


we offer 2 fabric versions : mid weight stretch and heavy weight denim non stretch. 

The mid weight stretch is a lighter weight and soft denim.

The non stretch is heavy weight, thicker with more texture.. a pure denim feel.


Non stretch sizing:

size up if you have any of the following : thick thighs, if you are hippy, or have a nice size butt. Please also note the thicker your thighs are the less baggy that second layer will be.

If any of these attributes are extreme!!!!!!! for example if you have a really really big butt we suggest you go with the stretch version. If you normally have issues with jeans never fitting go with the stretch.

If you do not have any of those following features that typically effect your sizing : going with your normal size is suggested. For example are a true size small no matter the style fit or fabric. Your hips are not wide thighs are slim butt not super peachy.. you can stick with a size small that way the jeans don't drown you bc you do want them to fit a bit snug. 

Non Stretch Model sizing as a reference please read entirely: MM is typically a size small in all sets leggings etc especially anything with stretch. When it comes to anything pure denim she typically goes up 1 size to a medium to ensure thighs hips butt with fit.

In the photo ( shorts version ) she had on a size small however she felt her butt didn't have as much room as she would like especially if she was going out somewhere that required alot of moving around. Also the size small waistline buttoned up was tight around her gut but since she wore the waist rolled down unbuttoned that wasn't a issue for how she styled it.

Ultimately she is a size Medium in the non stretch jeans fit wise and for movement and a nicer butt. ( she did not cut her pants super short in the back tho we know some will so if you plan on having your butt cuff hang out a smashed butt is not really a factor )

For the girlies who want to style the jeans exactly how MM did: rolled down unbuttoned ( this means waist/stomach pouch wont be a issue ) cut into shorts ( thighs will be more forgiving since thighs will be out ) and overall want the jeans to look as fitted and tight as possible regardless of movement and butt being smashed in .. perhaps sizing up is not needed. Just remember everyone is shaped differently so consider your body type and attributes while ordering. 

STRETCH VERSION: Just go with your normal size. In between sizes? if you prefer them to be super snug go with the smaller size. If you prefer them to be slightyy baggy go with the bigger size.

Inseam: SMALL 35 inches - XL 38 inches


SMALL/ 25-27 inches